Dance What You Feeeel

Feeeelings?   Seventy year-old woman trapped in the body of a twenty-three year-old with sides of various types of fan girl.

I have been away from everything for a while because I have been moving 800 miles and I haven’t seen Mindy yet and I am a bit scared.

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What I have learned today is that One Direction is secretly just one person who Ben Winston has digitally manipulated to appear as five.

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Wait, an I supposed to be cackling through this entire video? It is unclear.

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"This is bullshit."
My razor
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For those not in the know, Girl Crush (the 2nd Mindy Project episode that aired tonight) was filmed and originally meant to air pre-hiatus meaning pre-Danny and and Mindy dating. The show did its best to alter and reshoot certain scenes to make it fit in with being aired after Be Cool, but that’s…

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I just don’t know how this show makes me shake with cackling laughter and then tears my heart into itty bitty pieces ten minutes later…

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